Training Through Pictures with Dave Kroyer- Nose Work 1- The Indication

Training Through Pictures with Dave Kroyer: Nose Work 1 - The Indication

This 5X International Award Winning Video is the highly anticipated follow up to the prerequisite 7X International Award Winning, Training Through Pictures with Dave Kroyer- Learning to Learn, the definitive guide on the first 6-8 months with your puppy or working dog, with Dave Kroyer! Known as a teacher of trainers, a competitor, coach, 10 Time World Team Member and UKC Nose Work Judge, Dave Kroyer and his students have stood atop podiums in the arenas of Schutzhund/IPO, Mondio and French Ring Sport, Police K9, AKC Obedience, Agility, SAR and AKC Tracking. He has represented the United States Internationally on multiple World Teams while gaining notoriety both domestically and abroad. As a student of animal behavior, Dave's approach to training is intuitive, calculated and utilizes the tools and techniques of many disciplines and styles in a system of training that has helped his students achieve National and International success. 

In antiquated systems of training, target source is paired with a primary reinforcer (food or toy) to create an odor "association" so that detection training can begin. This "search first, indicate later" methodology produces two incomplete behaviors (searching and indicating) which must be rewarded for any progression to occur. This leads to a multitude of problems, the least of which is establishing two ideal behaviors at once. Further, the dog becomes focused on reward presentation and attention to handler movement because training objectives are many and unclear. Best case scenario, dogs trained in these methods have an awareness of source odor but still no isolated, distinct, durable, distraction free indication. In every case, the dog must be re-trained. These methods are cumbersome and by their very virtue require re-training as part of the program. The concept of behavior first, then reward is blurred, at best. This critical distinction is the linchpin of successful dog training regardless of discipline.

In understanding the concept of BEHAVIOR FIRST, THEN REWARD, the primary reinforcer (food or toy) becomes secondary in importance and behavior isolation is put at the forefront of training. The Kroyer system is based on this concept from the beginning. Many dogs never reach their full potential because of obstacles created through the learning process itself such as driving toward reward (sign-tracking), learning behaviors or positions rather than true engagement, working BECAUSE OF reward rather than FOR reward and more. Through the use of a secondary reinforcer (clicker) and "targeting", Dave insulates behavior from reward origination/type and establishes a "search" which is easily transferred to detection work. 

The INDICATION is the bedrock foundation of detection training. This title details the steps in creating an incredibly precise, clear, persistent, durable, passive indication to 5 odors from the very start.  The search is taught as a by-product of indication training allowing the indication to remain forefront until fully learned and conditioned. Once the indication is fully established, odor discrimination, the search, distraction work, distance, angles, search cues and line handling are easily added, completely bypassing the range of problems learned in traditional systems. This title covers Nose Work through the Odor Recognition Test (ORT) for 5 substances and traditional Professional Substance Detection (narcotics, explosives, biologicals, pest and medical) work through the indication, odor discrimination, distraction proofing, distance work and basic leash handling. Beneficial to puppy owners, trainers with problem dogs or anyone wanting a more clear understanding of how to train detection work. To anyone wanting to eliminate the problems of weak indication, weak searching, false alerts, focus on handler behavior and alerting on fringe odor, this title is a must have!

Chapter Include:

The Prerequisites

  • Introduction
  • Food Drive
  • The Clicker
  • The Dog
  • Equipment- The Target Table
  • Equipment- The Odor Box
  • Equipment- Source

The Nose Work Kit

  • Handling Odor
  • Scenting the Hide
  • Storage & Clean Up
  • Scent, Preparation & Contamination 
  • The Search and Indication


  • The Hide
  • The Odor Box

The Target Behavior

  • Distance and Angles
  • Introducing the Down
  • Introducing the Sit
  • Duration and Distractions

The Search

  • Injecting Prey
  • Targeting with a Toy
  • The Outdoor Game
  • Odor Recognition


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NOTE: This title relies upon the concepts in the 7X International Award Winning definitive guide on the first 6-8 months with your puppy or working dog, Learning to Learn.