The German Shepherd Dog the German Way Video 4- Advanced Training, Conditioning and Handling with Ricardo Carbajal

The German Shepherd Dog the German Way Video 4- Advanced Training, Conditioning and Handling with Ricardo Carbajal 

This beautifully shot and edited fourth production in the series teaches correct, spirited gaiting and shows you how to establish physical conditioning through the use of a practice ring, training plan and an understanding of what fit, hard condition is.  Beginning with the walk while establishing a positive attitude toward training, the pup and young dog are taught persistence in moving around the ring.  Considerations for formal conditioning are given and suggestions for types of work at the appropriate growth stages are discussed.

The physical state of the dog in consideration of weight, age and level of condition are discussed.  The judges expectations during show presentation in relation to weight and physical condition are discussed with detailed video examples.  Preparation for endurance work, the importance of the trot for conditioning and common training methods are demonstrated.  Getting started and then building the dog up is covered as well as understanding the signs of over work.

Understanding aerobic vs anaerobic exercise and the difference between fast twitch and slow twitch muscle fibers is discussed in determining the type of work the dog requires to achieve condition.  Methods of road work and the pros and cons of interval training are detailed to safely build your dog into hard, fit condition for the rigors of the Sv style ring.  

Understanding preparation for show day, teamwork through double handling and tips for how best to show the dog are included.  The remainder of the show day are covered; the stand for exam, the gaiting phase, the off-lead run and handling tips and showing the dog to his best are emphasized.   Interview footage with professional german handlers and SV judges is interspersed.

You will learn:

  • How to condition a positive attitude toward show ring training in dogs of various temperaments
  • The importance of double handling
  • How to begin a conditioning program, understand overwork and how to build the dog up
  • How to double handle and perform optimally on trial day
  • How to "camouflauge" weaknesses and emphasize strengths in front of the judge

Chapters include:

  • I. Gaiting
  • 1. The Practice Ring
    • 2. The Walk
    • 3. Manipulating Mood
    • 4. The Run
    • 5. Off-Leash Training
  • II. Physical Conditioning
    • 1. For the Show
    • 2. Endurance Work
    • 3. Specific Exercises
    • 4. When is He Ready?
  • III. The Day of the Show
    • 1. General Principles
    • 2. The Stand for Examination
    • 3. The Gaiting Phase
  • IV.Showing Your Dog: The Off-Lead "Run"
  • V. Conclusion

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What others are saying about the video series:

"They are the best ever made on the breed.”

- SV Judge Henning Setzer