The German Shepherd Dog the German Way Video 2- Structure with Ricardo Carbajal

The German Shepherd Dog the German Way Video 2- Structure with Ricardo Carbajal


This beautifully shot and edited second production in the series is an eloquent and understandable discussion of the "culture" of conformation judging: how SV-trained judges interpret the breed standard of this herding breed and then apply it, and how to understand the technical language of critiques.  A systematic journey through the SV standard with licensed SV judges will give you the "eye" necessary to evaluate your own dog as well as those of competitors.


Through dozens of gorgeous examples, correct structure is detailed.  Explanations into the "why" and "how" of each element of structure will cement the viewer's understanding.  Understanding how a judge weighs faults against virtues and expresses his judgements in the technical language of critiques is analyzed.  Interviews with SV judges Hans-Peter Fetten, Heinz Henrici and Günter Kollges is interspersed throughout.  This video is excellent for anyone that enjoys the German Shepherd dog, herding breeds or requires a general understanding of the skeletal mechanisms of dogs.


You will learn:


How to develop and "eye"

How to see German Shepherd structure as an SV judge sees it

About the "cultural knowledge" of the German Shepherd standard

How to recognize a passable dog without major faults

How to analyze an outstanding German Shepherd that can rank among the finest 

Chapters include:


I. General Appearance

1. Head and Expression

2. Size and Strength

3. Body Proportions

4. Body Condition

5. Coat Type and Length

6. Color and Pigment

7. Outline


II. Topline

1. The Withers

2. The Back

3. The Loin

4. The Croup

5. The Tail

6. Summary


III. Forequarters

1. The Shoulder Blade

2. The Upper Arm

3. Faults of Shoulder Conformation

4. The Elbow

5. The Lower Leg and Pastern

6. The Feet

7. Straightness of the Front


IV. Hindquarters

1. Angulation of the Knee

2. Parallel Lines

3. The Hocks and Feet

4. Action and Straightness of the Rear

V. Underline

VI. Dentition

Judging in Perspective


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What others are saying about the video series:

"They are the best ever made on the breed.”

- SV Judge Henning Setzer