The Foundations of Competitive Working Dogs with Joanne Fleming - Obedience 3 - Heeling, the Recall and Motion Exercises (German)

Die Grundlagen einer wettbewerbsfähigen Unterordnung mit Joanne Fleming: Teil 3- Die Freifolge, das Abrufen und die Übungen aus der Bewegung

Well known as a coach and competitor, Joanne's students have achieved multiple high-in-trials, Regional and National wins as well as international placements including the 1997 and 1998 Vice World Working Dog Champion. Joanne's club member and student, Sue Nesbitt, has represented LV America 3 times with two different dogs. Club member Lisa Little will represent LV DVG America in 2013 with her Malinois Hailey.  Joanne has earned the opportunity to represent North America in International competition 7 times, in 2005 with two dogs, a Belgian Malinois and a German Shepherd Dog, receiving the highest placing of any North American in 2005. Having represented LV America at the DVG Bundessieger-Prüfung from 2005-2007, Joanne also won the 2007 LV America Championships with her dog Enno, then went on to place 5th at the DVG BSP in Germany. Joanne has also found time to pick up high-in-trials in both AKC and CKC obedience competition along the way and her students have picked up multiple HIT's and HOT's. Her students are best known for their dogs' animated and very precise obedience and steady, confident tracking.

This production details the final steps in preparation for world-class performance. The steps in attaining correct, animated, polished heeling, turns and the motion exercises are shown in detail while integrating verbal markers to the training program for clear, precise feedback for the canine student.

Through the use of correct and incorrect behavior markers and Joanne’s variation on a traditional terminal cue, the viewer is led through the pre-requisites needed for any dog-handler team. The use of food in obedience training is detailed while teaching the concepts of progression, upping-the-ante and drive containment. Conditioning the correct behavior marker as a secondary reinforcer and the use of an incorrect response marker to extinguish minimal effort and incorrect performance is demonstrated throughout.

Through discrimination, the dog is taught a correct, gymnastic front as the precursor for the recall and retrieves. Common problems with the recall are addressed and solutions for inconsistent performance are discussed. The steps in teaching an IPO left-about turn are detailed and considerations to drive level and body type are discussed as relevant to heel position, gymnastic performance and the use of a training partner.

The sit, down and stand are taught as “positions” and integration into complete motion exercises is detailed, common issues are addressed and proofing is discussed. The delicate balance between speed and stays is addressed and a dialog about handling, using a training partner and considerations for individual dogs is presented.

German Chapters include: 

  • Die Voraussetzungen: Futtertrieb
  • Die Voraussetzungen: Kommunikation
  • Die Voraussetzungen: Fortschritt
  • Die Voraussetzungen: Trieb, Aktivität und Beherrschung
  • Die Voraussetzungen: Das korrekte Vorsitzen
  • Freifolge
  • Freifolge: Schritt 1 - Konditionierung
  • Freifolge: Schritt 2 – Die Position
  • Freifolge: Schritt 3 – Verantwortung
  • Freifolge: Schritt 4 – Freifolge
  • Freifolge: Die “Ein Schritt Regel“
  • Freifolge: Die “Ein Schritt Regel”- Der Beginn
  • Die Wendungen
  • Wendungen: Die Rechts und Rechts-Kehrt Wendung
  • Wendungen: Die Kehrt und Links Wendung
  • Wendungen: Die Links- Kehrt Wendung
  • Der gymnastische Bewegungsablauf
  • Der Bewegungsablauf: Das Sitz
  • Der Bewegungsablauf: Das Platz
  • Der Bewegungsablauf: Die Steh-Übung
  • Übungen aus der Bewegung
  • Das Abrufen
  • Das Abrufen: Hoch- und An-springen
  • Das Abrufen: Das schräge Vorsitzen
  • Schlusswort

A beautiful production, shot in 16:9 Hi-Definition featuring interview footage and detailed graphics, this broadcast quality production is ideal for anyone wanting to attain higher performance in obedience competition.

This title is heavily reliant upon the concepts, and techniques taught in The Foundations of Competitive Working Dogs 1 & 2.

Copyright 2011 Canine Training Systems®, 16:9 Widescreen Hi-Definition, Podium View™ On Demand Streaming, 82 minutes.


  • 2011 Hermes Creative Gold Award Winner
  • 2011 Videographer Award of Excellence
  • 2011 DV Award Winner
  • 2011 MarCom Gold Award Winner