Schutzhund with Gottfried Dildei- The Tracking Set (English)

Schutzhund with Gottfried Dildei- The Tracking Set

Both Dildei tracking titles in a discounted set.  Get the titles that helped mold the trends in the sport of Schutzhund worldwide! 

This set includes:

  1. Schutzhund with Gottfried Dildei- Tracking
  2. Schutzhund with Gottfried Dildei- Problem Solving in Tracking

Schutzhund with Gottfried Dildei-  Tracking

This production demonstrates how to teach the dog to work intensely, confidently, and slowly, from footstep to footstep, all the way to the end of a winning Schutzhund III track. Track construction with considerations for handler stride length, temperament and activity level of the dog and terrain types are all discussed when starting the tracking dog.  This production discusses scent work both from a training and polishing standpoint with excellent tracking dogs with a range of experience to detail Gottfried's approach.  Having coached successful students with a variety of breeds, Gottfried's approach has been incredibly successful in dog sport for the novice through experienced trainer/handler.

English Chapters include:

  • Introduction
  • The Terrain
  • The Track
  • Laying the Track
  • Introducing the Dog to Tracking
  • Turns
  • Articles
  • Extending and Aging the Track
  • Adding the Second Article
  • Challenges on the Track
  • Making the Dog Track-Sure
  • Compulsion on the Track
  • Weaning the Dog from Food on the Track

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Schutzhund with Gottfried Dildei-  Problem Solving in Tracking

Gottfried problem-solves issues such as the start, articles, and speed, as they relate to his motivational tracking techniques. Strong emphasis is placed on weaning from bait while maintaining correct style, speed and accuracy. <i>Problem Solving in Tracking</i> introduces correction on the track, proper track construction, the issues of dealing with poor starts, corners and articles.

English Chapters include:

  • Part I- Pre-Weaning Criteria

    • I. High Intensity
    • II. Appropriate Speed
    • III. Calmness and Sureness
    • IV. Problem Solving Capability
    • V. Articles
    • VI. The Start
    • VII. Accurate Turns
    • Achieving High Intensity
    • Achieving Appropriate Speed
    • Influencing Speed Through Compulsion
    • Achieving Calmness and Sureness
    • Achieving Problem Solving Capability
    • Achieving Proper Indication of Articles
    • Achieving a Slow Concentrated Start
    • Achieving Accurate Turns
  • Part II- Weaning

    • I. The First Step
    • II. The Second Step
    • III. The Third Step
    • IV. The Final Step
  • Tracking in Grass and Vegetation

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