Schutzhund with Gottfried Dildei- Basic Obedience

Schutzhund with Gottfried Dildei- Basic Obedience Streaming

This production covers the use of food in schutzhund, ipo, ring sport or kennel club obedience training: teaching attention, conditioning activity in the dog, heeling, the halt, and the sit and down in motion. Basic Obedience with Gottfried Dildei stresses the importance of pattern training to create anticipation for commands for reliable, immediate performance in trial situations. An excellent video for schutzhund, kennel club or ring sport obedience training.

English Chapters include:

  • Introduction
  • Food Motivation vs. Prey Motivation
  • The Use of Food
  • Teaching Attention
  • Activity
  • Heeling
  • The Release
  • Formal Heeling
  • “The Sit”
  • Extending the Heeling
  • The Sit and Down in Motion
  • Errors

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