Schutzhund with Gottfried Dildei- Advanced Obedience

Schutzhund with Gottfried Dildei-  Advanced Obedience

This production demonstrates the Dildei method for teaching all of the advanced exercises in Schutzhund obedience: the recall and finish, stand in motion, retrieves, and send away. Advanced Obedience includes the jump, wall, retrieve and send away and is an excellent complement to The-Foundations-of-Competitive-Working-Dogs-Obedience-Set  It includes obstacles not included in those titles.

English Chapters include:

  • Introduction
  • The Front-Sit and Recall
  • The Recall 
  • The Finish
  • The Retrieve 
  • The One-Meter Hurdle 
  • The Wall 
  • The Stand in Motion 
  • The Send Away 
  • Conclusion

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