On Target - Training Substance Detector Dogs with Randy Hare - Detection 2

On Target - Training Substance Detector Dogs with Randy Hare -  Detection 2


The updated series with Randy Hare is here On Target v2.0- Training Substance Detector Dogs with Randy Hare- Detection 1

Video two of this series shows how to use Randy Hare’s ground-breaking methods to accomplish the next five learning objectives in the training of drug and explosive detector dogs. 


Chapters Include: 

  • Objective 4: Teaching the dog to divert his attention from reward to target odor. 
  • Objective 5: Establishing a cue for search behavior. 
  • Objective 6: The “Oral-Detection Response” 
    • 1: The oral response reduces the probability of false alarms. 
    • 2. The oral response delays the final response. 
    • 3. By delaying the final response, the oral response can minimize property damage. 
  • Teaching the “Oral-Detection Response” 
  • Objective 7: Extending the Search.  1. The Box room. 
  • Objective 8: Teaching the dog to ignore distracters.
    • 1. Simple visual and auditory distracters. 
    • 2. Simple odor distracters. 
    • 3. Concomitant odor distracters. 
      • A. Reduce predictive value of concomitants. 
      • B. Extinguish responding to concomitants.  
    • 4. Concomitant handler distracters. (handler cues) 
    • 5. The Scent Box as a distracter. 
  • Scent Boxes: Summary 
  • The Hare Detection Method: The distinction between instructional and practical models. 
  • Conclusion 


Once these objectives are achieved, then the student detector dog will have achieved the special attributes of the Hare-trained detector dog: The dog will possess a crystal-clear understanding of his task, and he will display the kind of obedience to odor that makes it virtually impossible to disturb or distract him during search or indication.


He will also exhibit an extraordinary degree of independence and self-belief while searching. Finally, the dog will display pronounced and obvious changes of behavior when he encounters target odor, accompanied by prolonged and intensive efforts to pinpoint the odor source prior to making a final indication.


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