Narcotics Detection 2 with Charles Kirchner

Narcotics Detection 2 with Charles Kirchner

Charles Kirchner retired in 1980 after 20 years as an officer, dog handler, senior trainer, and canine instructor for the Metro Police Department in Washington D.C.  During that time, he trained the first explosive-detector dog in the world.  Since 1980 he has remained very active in the field of service-dog training, teaching countless seminars and continuing to train narcotics dogs for a number of police departments.

Narcotics 2 details the more advanced stages of forming a narcotics-detector dog program including: making the transition from marijuana to cocaine and heroin, problem solving, employment and use in active service, and legal guidelines for handlers. 

Chapters include: 

  • Introduction 
  • Step 7: The Second Transition- From Marijuana to Other Substances 
  • Step 8: “Blind” Searches 
  • Step 9: Problem Solving 
  • Maintenance Training 
  • Part 4: Deployment and Use of the Narcotic Detection Dog
  • Search Warrants 
  • Currency and Postal “Searches” 
  • Maintenance and In-Service Training 
  • Deployment 
  • Automobile Searches
  • Multiple Packaging and Masking Agents
  • Part 5: Legal Guidelines: Establishing probable cause. 
  • The Dog 
  • The Handler 
  • D.E.A. and State Licenses 
  • Schools, Jails and Sobriety Checkpoints

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