Gone to Ground- The Jack Russell Terrier

Gone to Ground - The Jack Russell Terrier 

This Award-Winning production illustrates today's Jack Russell Terrier, featuring interviews with Jack Russell Terrier Club of America judges Terri Batzer, Barbara Cooper-Lowery, Paul McWilliams, John Lowery, and professional English terriermen Eddie Chapman and Geoffrey Burnhill.

Commonly seen on television, in the dog sport of agility, barn hunt, nose work and even the obedience ring, this title explains and details the genetic heritage of the Jack Russell Terrier, what sets it apart from other commonly seen breeds and gives insight into what purists feel is best for this type of terrier.

Contains extensive sections on:  

  • History of the breed-Explains where the Jack Russell came from and how kennel club recognition will effect the terrier. 
  • Correct working structure-Details the JRTCA and JRTCGB standard.  
  • Racing- Enjoy exciting footage from many terrier trials.  
  • Go to Ground- See stunning video in plexiglass tunnels.  
  • Hunting- Hear cautions for the novice, understand the equipment used and why to maintain the Jack Russell as a working terrier. 
  • Judges from the US and English Terriermen give their insights into this feisty terrier.

Chapters include:

  • Introduction 
  • The Parson’s Pride
  • The Standard 
  • Characteristics 
  • General Appearance 
  • Head 
  • Eyes and Ears
  • Mouth 
  • Neck 
  • Forequarters 
  • Body 
  • Hindquarters
  • Feet and Tail
  • Coat 
  • Color
  • Gait 
  • Size 
  • The Jack Russell Today 
  • Conformation Showing
  • Go to Ground
  • Racing 
  • Jack Russells in the Field

Video footage from the US and England. Beautifully done, a must for the Russell owner's library!

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A Dog Writer's Association of America Awards Finalist and Runner-Up in 1998.