Competitive Agility Training with Jane Simmons-Moake 2- Sequence Training

Competitive Agility Training with Jane Simmons-Moake- Sequence Training

This beautiful video details how to sequence smoothly from one obstacle to the next, to reach your dog's highest potential for speed and accuracy in the incredibly popular sport of dog agility. This video will help you develop a consistent set of cues for communicating with your dog on the Agility course so that he will understand your directives instantly, even at high speeds and great distances, enabling you to achieve spectacular Agility runs.  Excellent for anyone that wants to improve skills in dog agility training.

English Chapter List:

  • Introduction
  • Setting Your Standards High
  • Commands, Signals & Body Language
  • Sequence Training Principles
  • Turn Sequences
  • Sequencing & Contact Zones
  • Side Switches
  • Side Switches on Jumps
  • Side Switches on Tunnels
  • Side Switches on Contact Obstacles
  • Side Switches on Weave Poles
  • Building Longer Sequences
  • The "Out" Command
  • Distraction Training
  • Putting it all Together

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