Clicker Fun with Dr. Deborah Jones Click and Go- Getting Started

Clicker Fun with Dr. Deborah Jones Click and Go- Getting Started 

This video presents the basic principles of how to clicker train a dog, which are rooted in sound scientific principles and humane, positive methods. One of the biggest obstacles in dog training is establishing a common language to convey information to the dog.  Dr. Deb details how to condition the clicker as a secondary reinforcer for just that purpose, effortlessly!  You will learn how to how to clicker train a dog starting at the beginning in a step-by-step fashion so you can change your dogs behavior. Techniques presented include shaping, luring, and targeting. This is an excellent overview for anyone interested in learning how to clicker train effectively and correctly. 

Chapters include:

  • Introduction
  • Charging Up the Clicker
  • Clicker Guidelines
  • Shaping
  • 101 Things to do with a Box
  • Luring
  • Targeting
  • Adding Antecedents
  • Continuous and Variable Reinforcement 
  • Conclusion 

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Winner of the Dog Writer's Association of America "Best Video of the Year" Award- 1999