Clicker Fun with Dr. Deborah Jones Click and Fetch - The Clicker Retrieve

Clicker Fun with Dr. Deborah Jones  Click and Fetch - The Clicker Retrieve

The retrieve (fetch) is one of the most useful behaviors your dog can perform. Whether for fun, practical use, or competition, you can teach your dog an enthusiastic retrieve using this method. The video shows you how to build a strong reliable retrieve using only positive techniques. Common problems and solutions in retrieve training are highlighted. This is a useful behavior for service dogs, obedience, tricks and pets.

Chapters include:

  • Introduction
  • The Groundwork 
  • The Two Treats Game 
  • The Two Toys Game 
  • Retrieve Objects: Dowels, Bumpers, Dumbbells & Scent Articles
  • Shaping the Retrieve 
  • Shaping the Retrieve I. Increasing Duration and Distance
  • Shaping the Retrieve II. The Front Sit and Hold 
  • Shaping the Retrieve III. The Release
  • Shaping the Retrieve IV. Adding Cues 
  • Shaping the Retrieve V. Chaining 
  • Shaping the Retrieve VI. Generalization 
  • Dealing with Problems I. Anticipation
  • Dealing with Problems II. Poor Pick-Up
  • Dealing with Problems III. Mouthing
  • Dealing with Problems IV. Refusal 
  • Variations on the Basic Retrieve I. Retrieve over the High Jump 
  • Variations on the Basic Retrieve II. Scent Discrimination
  • Fun and Useful Retrieves 
  • Conclusion

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